Me and my hubby

Me and my hubby

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Father's Day 2009

Father's Day 2009
A few gifts from the kids at home

I can't see what the envelope says, but I thought it was picture worthy at the time...

The kids are growing up way too fast! Brandon is 11 and Sarah is almost 14!

Little Sarah and I made these mosaic bird baths for Blake - this is before the grout.

We went to the Nampa airport to see the plane Blake has been flying - a Cessna 120 - small, slow and sturdy. But while we were out there we heard these Apache helicoptors and ran to get a look.

There were 4 or 5 of them doing take off and landing procedures - it was so cool to watch them! A definite highlight of the day!
Blake and the kids in front of the 120.
Having fun in the plane!!
Scary site - Brandon as PIC??? (That is pilot in command :))
This may be an even scarier scenario!!

After the airport, we went to my brother's for a Father's Day BBQ.

Brother Ben's ginormous burger!
I love my fam!
Little Sarah got herself in this predicament somehow. Mom and Angela sure had a good time torturing her. But if history is repeating itself - she instigated it and probably when given the chance to give up, didn't! Hummm - sounds eerily familiar.
I think I can see her adenoids!
LOVE the eyes on Little Sarah - also an eerily familiar look. I must have rolled my eyes a million times during my teenage years and according to Blake, I still do!
Will she EVER give up?? Not a chance - stubborness must run in the family!

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